Golden West College Campus

Work Performed
Southland Industries was hired to develop the right solution for retro-commissioning and efficiency upgrades for Golden West College. Through energy code 4217, Southland Industries acted as the prime contractor for this design-build energy project. For this project, a campus-wide centralized energy management system as well as controls system was essential. All mechanical systems were designed to work in conjunction with the college's preexisting mechanical systems, and by seamlessly working together deliver significant energy rebates. Directly serving the goal of the project, Golden West College received $500,000 in energy rebates through California Edison and will save thousands in electricity costs each month.

A new central plant was built with 1,400 tons of cooling along with a 400 horsepower boiler for heating—with both allowing room for future expansion Furthermore, 6,400 linear feet of trenching and 26,000 linear feet of heating and chilled water piping were installed to connect existing buildings with the central plant. The trenching for piping was excavated in summer months to ensure completion prior to the fall semester, which minimized student safety risks as well as eliminated the eyesore of digging and excavation for the masses.

Southland engineers also designed the project to conform to the campus schedule. With the college's 18 existing buildings requiring HVAC retrofits, new lights, and tee bar ceilings, the project schedule was broken down into manageable pieces with minimal effect on the day-to-day operations of the college. Avoiding building downtime and allowing students to be moved into convenient, temporary classrooms, the classroom HVAC system renovation schedule permitted blocks of only two to three buildings at once. Overall, the project was completed on schedule, under budget, and with minimal impact to the school.

Project Highlights

  • Efficiency upgrades throughout the 18 existing campus buildings included HVAC, electrical, plumbing and ceiling renovations.
  • Building upgrades were performed in blocks of 2-3 buildings to minimize downtime, while students moved to temporary classrooms for optimal student retention.
  • In addition to campus efficiency upgrades, Southland provided a new 1400-ton cooling/13 million BTU heating central plant as well as comprehensive new plumbing services including sewer, storm drain, make-up water and natural gas.
  • A new campus-wide energy management system including a central plant was installed.
  • Installation of 26,000 linear feet of chiller and hot water piping underground distribution loop to serve 20 new and existing buildings tied into the central plant. This underground distribution loop was performed in 3 months and completed ahead of schedule.
  • Construction was performed during summer months to minimize disruption to students.
  • By implementing innovative energy solutions, the campus generated over $500,000 in energy rebates from Southern California Edison.