Dallas VA Medical Center

Cogeneration Plant

Work Performed

Southland Industries provided pre-construction and design-build services for the new Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP) with tie-in to the existing central steam plant for the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Dallas, Texas.

The CHP project consisted of a high pressure, natural gas turbine style generator that produces 4.5 MW of electricity. Heat from the high temperature turbine exhaust is recovered through a 35,000 PPH heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) with a tri-fuel (bio-diesel, natural gas or fuel oil) duct burner to produce high pressure steam [125 psig] for use in the building heating, cooling and domestic water systems. The project also included a new electrical building to house electrical equipment associated with the turbine.

To enhance energy security, the design-build solution incorporated the capability for the gas turbine to operate in an “island mode” configuration. This included a new 500 kW black-start diesel engine generator to provide start-up power to the CHP in a case of a loss of utility power.

The VA plans to install additional CHP plants at 20 VA Medical Centers around the country. The Department views CHP systems as the best technology to invest in to reach their energy efficiency goals and establish energy security.

Project Highlights

  • Included a Solar Turbines Mercury 50 single recuperated gas combustion turbine generator set and a 14,000 lb/hr / 45,000 lb/hr duct fired Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)
  • Interconnection of high pressure steam (125 psig) into an existing hospital steam system without impacting ongoing facility operations
  • The extension of a new natural gas distribution pipeline for the plant
  • Use of a Programmable logic controller (PLC) based SCADA control system for power generation
  • Integration of renewable technology and sustainable design principles