Chaffey CC

District Energy Program

Work Performed

Acting as prime contractor, Southland Industries provided design-build services for the Chaffey Community College District Energy Optimization Project. This energy optimization project provide state of the art lighting upgrades resulting in energy savings and a better educational environment, as well as correcting several outstanding deferred maintenance issues for the Chaffey Community College staff.

Southland replaced three failed pool boilers and failed main pool variable speed drive (VSD) including associated secondary hot water piping, electrical, and water pumps. New equipment installed included two new 1,999,999 Btu Futura boiler with copper/nickel tubes, two secondary hot water pumps, and a new 30HP VSD. The new boilers installed qualified for a utility incentive from Southern California Edison (SCE). The main energy savings measures included interior and exterior lighting retrofits for 20 buildings across three campuses . Southland expedited thelighting retrofits in order to meet SCE’s lighting incentive deadline and qualify for the rebate. In addition, Southland implemented a three year HVAC maintenance program based on ASHRAE Standard 180 that qualified for an additional SCE incentive.

Project Highlights
Actual annual energy savings:

  • $178,762 per year and $326,756 rebate from SCE for lighting retrofits, corresponding to 1,361,483 kWh/yr
  • 56% reduction in annual lighting energy cost, and with occupancy sensors providing an additional 20% in energy savings
  • An $8,000 rebate from SCE for boiler replacements, corresponding to 8,000 therms/yr
  • Additional $95,000 rebate from SCE for HVAC controls optimization