Local Agencies

For many towns, cities, counties, and state agencies, aging buildings and failing infrastructure can be a heavy financial burden. Capital funds are simply not available and going to taxpayers in the current economy remains difficult. To address this challenge, many states—including California, North Carolina Nevada, Oregon, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia—have issued legislation intended to unlock funding for renovation and improvement projects. In fact, alternative financing vehicles with low rates and flexible terms have been specifically designed for such improvement projects.

Southland Energy is familiar with the many incentives and funding sources available throughout different regions. Our knowledagble experts can help guide you through these programs to capture grants, rebates, and incentives, as well as reallocated utility and operating budgets so that zero up-front-capital is required for your project. In most locations, feasibility assessments that calculate funding potential are also available at no cost.

With a focus on improving occupant comfort and productivity, our innovative strategies for municipalities reduce both maintenance and energy costs. Modernizations, renovations, and retrofits pay particular attention to energy efficiency, and often include demand response and renewable energy generation solutions such as solar, wind, biogas, biomass, and cogeneration.