When it comes to energy projects, healthcare facilities require a specialized approach. With project experience ranging from large private, public, and military hospitals to smaller outpatient clinics and medical office buildings, Southland Energy understands the complexities that can be presented by critical care environments. We have a successful track record of delivering high-impact solutions that comply with all regulations, legislation, and restrictions associated with hospitals, medical clinics, and medical office buildings.

At Southland, we recognize the financial and operational challenges the healthcare industry faces as a result of the Affordable Healthcare Act. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of our in-house engineers and construction team, Southland Energy has been successful in implementing strategies that improve a facility’s energy efficiency, while increasing HCAP scores and reducing patient readmission rates.  

Our experienced team of project developers will work with you to ensure all projects remain cost-effective and provide a healthy healing environment.  By identifying financial options that will leverage energy and operating savings, our experts can help you maximize rebates and grant dollars while minimizing your captial investment. The guaranteed savings programs offered by Southland Energy provide peace of mind, knowing your facility will achieve the projected savings.

Because hospitals have complex energy systems that can directly impact the patient environment, maintaining occupant safety and comfort remains our first priority.  Southland Energy designs, builds, and maintains systems to seamlessly support ongoing patient care activities and address infection control concerns.  Through a collaborative approach, we will establish project schedules, engage key stakeholders, and minimize disruptions to your facilty’s operations throughout the construction and implementation phases.