Prop 39

Funding Energy Programs within California Schools and Colleges

Proposition 39 (Prop 39) is a part of the California Clean Energy Jobs Act that funds energy efficiency and clean energy projects for K-12 schools and community colleges. State agencies can develop and administer programs that allow schools and colleges to utilize these funds for energy saving measures, but time is of the essence for those that have not yet begun the planning process.

Money Matters: How Much Funding Is Available?

In total, Prop 39 funding will allocate an estimated $550 million annually for energy efficiency and clean energy upgrades within the public school districts of California:

  • 89% of those funds will go toward energy projects for K-12 schools
  • 11% of those funds will go toward energy projects at community colleges

The California Department of Education’s list of funding for which each school district is eligible to apply is available here.

Most districts apply for and receive Prop 39 funding to implement energy saving measures that not only benefit the learning environment for students and improve schools’ carbon footprints, but also enhance their budget’s bottom line. However, districts often use this funding to accomplish individual energy projects targeted at improving efficiency on a smaller scale, rather than taking a holistic approach. With many districts receiving less funding than initially anticipated, these standalone energy projects do not always accomplish all of the schools’ intended energy goals.

Discover Your Options At No Cost

Fortunately, Southland Energy provides cursory energy audits that quickly identify energy saving opportunities at no cost or commitment for consumers. This free energy audit allows districts and schools to take more of a “big picture” approach to increasing energy efficiency, decreasing energy use and dependence, and lowering costs without wasting funding. Southland’s experts are well versed with the state loading order and work to offer savings through energy efficiency, demand response solutions, and renewable energy generation. These savings often allow schools more money for curriculum development and technology upgrades like interactive whiteboards and tablets for each student.

Maximize Funding With A Holistic Approach

By combining Prop 39 funding with Southland Energy’s guaranteed performance-based solutions, schools are able to get more for their money. Our distinctive design-build-operate-maintain expertise allows us to holistically approach your energy services needs and offer solutions for each stage of the building life cycle. Plus, our single source responsibility means you will be able to easily work with one contact from design through construction to commissioning and service—without the risk that comes with hiring multiple parties. We are able to execute long-term solutions at significant cost savings by performing all of our services in house, and often create positive cash flow for clients upon project completion. Our goal is to implement energy efficient measures, while preserving more of your school’s budget for more important provisions like improving educational programs and increasing per-student spending.

With the right resources and knowledgable experts, it is possible to economically achieve your school's energy goals. To learn more about how you can make the most of Prop 39 funding, please contact Southland Energy's Prop 39 experts:

Community Colleges
John J. Burdette
(510) 512-2954
K-12 Schools
Loleeta Stack
(310) 729-4252
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