Through comprehensive energy solutions specifically tailored for K-12 schools and higher education facilities, Southland Energy has helped many customers reduce operational costs, while improving the learning and teaching environment. In today’s competitive and dynamic education environment, it is imperative to keep operational costs low in order to direct dollars to classrooms and students.  Every dollar saved on utilities can be used for improvements that not only lower operating costs, but also provide cleaner, healthier, and safer learning environments. Upgrades such as implementing new HVAC technologies and lighting solutions can help filter out common cold and flu viruses leading to reduced student absentee rates and provide the type of positive and motivating learning environment that can both attract and retain the best teaching talent available. 

In addition to the complimentary cursory audit services we offer, we work diligently to create partnerships that allow us to identify and implement the best energy efficiency, demand response and renewable energy generation measures for your schools.  As renewable energy experts in solar, biogas, biomass, and wind powered systems, Southland Energy designs systems that reduce your facility’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, and in turn, generate valuable carbon credits for your district These credits can be used to either offset carbon emissions generated by your schools or generate a revenue stream by selling the credits to outside entities with carbon emission issues of their own.

Our experts are adept at identifying financial solutions that will leverage energy and operating savings as well as maximize rebates and grant dollars, while minimizing your district's capital investments. Southland Energy has helped customers secure private industry matching funds and federally subsidized loan programs and offers options to help districts generate revenue and become more independent from traditional funding mechanisms.