Project Financing Capabilities

For the past ten years, Southland Energy has been involved in financing for various types of energy and construction projects. From simple mechanical retrofits to complicated central plants and cogeneration—and even tri-generation—projects, we are experts at performing in-depth financial analysis for various types of projects. With significant project financing capabilities in house, our dedicated finance professionals have experience performing complicated financial analyses and arranging highly structured finance options for clients.

Southland Energy takes a “partnership” approach with customers to develop and implement customized energy solutions. Our financing team works closely with each customer’s financing staff to identify and evaluate what works best for your specific financial objectives. We will work with you to identify key financial factors such as financing structure, length of contract, capital market conditions, equipment type, and agreement terms and conditions.

Additionally, Southland Energy’s excellent relationships with various third-party lending institutions allow us to provide you with competitive funding for energy efficiency initiatives as well as other construction projects. By leveraging such relationships and utilizing our internal expertise and financial strength, we can confidently ensure appropriate capital structure and funding sources for your next facilities improvement project. Southland Energy’s variety of project financing experience includes customized options such as:

  • Design Build Own Operate Maintain (DBOOM)
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Tax Exempt Lease Purchase or Taxable Lease
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Traditional Third Party Financing
  • Other Financing Mechanisms:
  • Federal funding and loans for energy related projects
  • Local state and utilities financing for energy related project
  • On-bill financing (via utility provider)