Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is defined as using less energy to accomplish the same task, and taking measures to improve energy efficiency is the first step toward reducing energy use.  With improved efficiency comes reduced energy consumption and opportunities for more effective renewable and distributed energy generation. One of the most economical ways to save energy is by improving energy efficiency; doing more with less energy benefits your business and your bottom line.

At Southland Energy, we are experts in generating innovative yet cost-effective ways to achieve energy efficiency in buildings, central plants, and campuses. Through long history of designing and building energy efficient buildings and plants, we are able to take a holistic approach to your facility’s lifecycle. Our wide range of in-house capabilities include building energy auditing, advanced controls and metering, measurement and verification, energy modeling and computational fluid dynamics simulation; and our experienced design professionals are industry leaders with a positive reputation of developing superior energy efficient solutions. By collaborating with you and your operations staff, we offer practical options for increasing energy efficiency from lighting upgrades to HVAC renovations to complete central plant retrofits.