Backed by an MEP building systems firms with over 60 years of experience, Southland Energy’s knowledge of each phase of the facility’s lifecycle is extensive. Our in-house design-build-operate-maintain expertise allows us to holistically approach your energy services needs and successfully deliver a superior outcome in the most effective manner. By handling both the design and build phase of your project, our strengths become readily apparent. We are seeing the use of the design-build delivery method expand as more owners recognize the significant benefits that a fully integrated design-build team provides, including:

Single-Source Accountability
Whether as part of a design-build team or as a prime contractor, Southland Energy maintains responsibility for engineering, constructing, and delivering a solution that universally meets the performance, cost, and schedule requirements of the project. Aligning Southland Energy’s objectives with those of the owner, this accountability drives our team to produce a more innovative, collaborative, and efficient end result.
Cost Savings
Southland Energy has a history of creating solutions that are lower in cost than traditional solutions yet also energy efficient, sustainable, constructible, and reliable. Combining the collective and integrated knowledge of our talented energy, engineering, construction, and facility personnel enables us to generate superior solutions.
Faster Delivery
Our teams are responsive and adapt quickly to the ever-changing demands of each project and industry. We streamline our workflow to maximize the benefits of building information modeling and lean construction techniques
Improved Quality
Southland Energy is disciplined in delivering projects that meet or exceed owners’ performance expectations. This approach demands the combined knowledge of our energy, engineering, construction, and maintenance personnel to pinpoint engineering solutions, products, and construction techniques that are known to satisfy the quality expectations of both Southland Energy and our clients.
Reduced Risk
By self-performing the majority of our services, we are able to guarantee cost, schedule, and system performance even in the early stages of the project, which allows you to focus on the needs of the project rather than managing risk.