Carbon Footprint

Taking a holistic approach to each project, Southland Energy is experienced in reducing carbon footprints and creating sustainable environments for our customers.  Collaboratively, we work to address the energy savings, water conservation, utility infrastructure management, renewable, and environmental aspects of each project to ensure lower emissions and result in a smaller carbon footprint. With a portfolio of data collection tools to help manage energy savings, water conservation, and metering, we are able to understand how to best address your unique sustainability goals. To learn just what kind of impact reducing your carbon dioxide emissions could have, try this greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

To improve your carbon footprint, Southland Energy can measure, track, and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. After establishing your project goals and outcomes, we will create a roadmap of energy solutions, waste reduction, and pollution prevention strategies that not reduce your greenhouse gas emissions as well as energy consumption.

Sustainable Design and Consulting

Whether your project involves new construction or an existing facility, Southland Energy’s team of over 80 certified LEED professionals provides valued support from project conception through completion. Our specialists are knowledgeable in regards to the most recent LEED standards as well as utilize advanced energy design software and 3-D BIM modeling.

Energy and Water Efficiency

Southland Energy can guarantee lower carbon emissions instantaneously through low cost building upgrades and retrofits such as lighting, HVAC, controls, and water conservation systems.  We recommend allowing our team of experts to perform a building-level audit and help create an action plan to best fits your facility’s needs.