How Lean Leaders are Changing the Industry

Article | Lean Construction Blog

Through opportunities as a design engineer at Southland Industries, as well as her involvement with the Lean Construction Institution’s Lean Leader group, Erin Miller has learned how Lean practices can transform a project, and how important engaging the next generation of professionals is to full industry transformation.

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The Black Box Dilemma

Article | Digital Engineering

Abdullah Karimi, CFD analyst for Southland Industries, uses fluid dynamics programs to examine airflow and heat distribution and develop the best heating solutions for his company’s clients. His first tip: Never use the first iteration of automatically generated mesh.

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To Fearlessness & Innovation: Cheers to the CIO 100 Tech Leaders!

Article | Workspot

Israel Sumano, Southland Industries’ Senior Director of Infrastructure Services, encapsulates the qualities of modern IT leaders. He was instrumental in leading his organization down a path that significantly contributed to the company’s digital transformation: Virtual GPU workstations in the cloud. If you’re familiar with traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), you can only imagine the level of fearlessness that Israel needed to muster to make that bold leap! After all, CAD and BIM professionals are the most demanding end users on the planet, writes Brad Peterson.

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Our projects save more than they cost. Guaranteed.

With guaranteed performance, quality, and savings, the question isn’t how can you afford to partner with Southland Energy?  It’s how can you afford not to?

No size fits all.

At Southland,we recognize every client is different.  That’s why we tailor our solutions to your unique operational goals.

Energy Exchange and the Better Buildings Summit 2018

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 – 08:00 to Thursday, August 23, 2018 – 17:00

Huntington Convention Center
Cleveland, Ohio

Southland Energy will be among leaders from the federal, private, education, and state and local government sectors who will convene to accelerate the adoption of energy and water efficiency, integrated resilience, emerging and secure technologies, and replicable renewable energy solutions.

Southland Energy Booth #523

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Join Southland Energy’s own subject matter experts during the following sessions:

Eric Nyenhuis, PE is presenting “Audits II”

Session 8, Thursday 8:30-10:00am 

Track 7: Building Automation Essentials,

Session Description: Proper analysis of energy information and transformation of the energy data into actionable projects are essential to meeting overall energy consumption goals. This session will provide real world examples of audits and how audits are transformed into projects.

Ramin Rezaei is presenting “Energy Modeling”

Session 2, Tuesday 2:00 – 3:30pm

Track 8 Data Literacy

Session Description: The session provides training on basic and advanced modeling techniques for existing buildings using popular tools such as building simulation software, spreadsheet analysis, and computational fluid dynamics.  Additionally, the session will demonstrate the pros and cons of different tools and models and how to apply best practices.

Jason Gladney is presenting “Enterprise Analytics: What Do We Do with the Data Dump?”

Session 7, Wednesday 4:00 – 5:30pm

TRACK 8 Data Literacy

Session Description: This session describes the use of energy and building statistics to understand how energy is used in buildings.  Once energy use is understood at the building level, then data analytic tools can be deployed to understand how energy is used across various campuses and climactic zones to identify the best in class and least efficient buildings.

What is the difference between a microgrid and a smart grid?

Article | InBuilding Magazine

The term “smart grid” is often used as a generic term when discussing how technology is impacting the creation and use of energy, but it’s somewhat vague. Technology affects energy use in many ways and at many levels, and the phrase “smart grid” is not meaningful to most building owners. However, a related concept, the microgrid, is something that owners and property managers should become familiar with. So what do these terms actually mean? Southland Energy’s Ken Robinson explains.

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